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Berkeley Skatepark in Berkeley California

Berkeley Skatepark in Berkeley California

Payne Skate Park Bench

Payne Skate Park Sarasota Florida

Paradise Valley Course

Paradise Valley Skate Park Phoenix Arizona


Building the Animal Chin Ramp

Original Animal Chin Ramp

Possibly the most memorable and epic skate ramp ever made. From “The Vault.” An excerpt from Powell-Peralta’s video, “Axe Rated” of the construction of the legendary Animal Chin Ramp! Axe Rated is the ‘missing’ number five video. It was made for use in skate shops only, and was never offered to the general public.

How to: Build a skateboard half-pipe in 11 hours

Putting on the finishing touches

How to build a skateboard halfpipe in 11 hours. Myself and retiree skateboard enthusiast Rob Maggi went over to a friends house to put up a halfpipe for him. I haven’t built a halfpipe from scratch in many years so Rob was on point on this one. The ramp was to be 5 feet tall [...]

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