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Morgan Hill Skate Park Ramps

Morgan Hill Skate Park Morgan Hill California

Stone Skate Plaza Street

Stoner Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Tulare Skate Park Overview

Tulare Skate Park Tulare California


Clippard Park Skate Park Colerain Township Ohio

Clippard Skate Park Verts

Clippard Park Skate Park is located in the Colerain Township in Ohio. It is in the area’s first skate park and located near the pack of the park. It is visible from I-275. This is a new fee skate park. Clippard Park Skate Park features a 10′ bowl with pool coping, a 4′ bowl with [...]

The Flow Skate Park Columbus Ohio

The Flow Skate Park View

The Flow Skate Park is approximately 50,000 square feet of indoor challenges for the beginner to advanced skater. The Flow Skate Park is located in Columbus, Ohio, one of the largest skate parks in the nation, boasting over 50,000 square feet Established in 2001, privately owned, it is open to not only skaters but also [...]

Beech Acres Skate Park Cincinnati Ohio

Beech Skate Park Overview

Beech Acres Skate Park is located and among the favorites among the Anderson Township residents. The Skate park is a 15,000 foot concrete and boasts a pyramid, bowl, mini, box, transitions, and slopes. This multi-use park boasts amenities to suit a variety of recreational interests including a fantastic playground, a shelter that you can rent, [...]

Marietta Skate Park Marietta Ohio

Marietta Skate Park Half Pipe

Located in Indian Acres Park, in Marietta, Ohio, the designers have incorporated the Native American influence within their design of the Marietta Skate Park. The “mount” located in the middle of the park, is in homage to the mounds found around Marietta. Three years after completion of the first phase of Marietta’s skate park, the [...]

Eagle Creek Skate Park Findlay Ohio

Eagle Creek Skate Park Side View

Eagle Creek Skate Park is located in Findlay, Ohio. The railroad tracks separate the youth baseball Kohler Field, from the tennis courts and the skate park. Located on an asphalt pad, this park features a halfpipe, a funbox, five- and seven-foot quarterpipes, five- and seven-foot roll-ins, a pyramid, and a few grindrails. The Eagle Creek [...]

Baker Bowl Skate Park Middletown Ohio

Baker Bowl Course View

Suburban Rails of Athens, Ohio as well as the community youth prepared the conceptual design for the Baker Bowl Skate Park. What transpired was a unique, all concrete skate park located in the northeast corner of Smith Park that sits on a little over one-half acre of wooded land. The Baker Bowl Skate Park is [...]

Coffman Park Skate Park Dublin Ohio

Coffman Skate Park Verts

For those skaters that are looking for more than just ramps, located at Coffman Park, Dublin Ohio. Coffman Skate Park features a series of bowls that range in depth from three feet to nine feet, rails, fun box and a few ramps as well. The 15,000 square foot park is located on Coffman Park Drive [...]

Broomfield Skate Park Broomfield Colorado

Broomfield Skate Park Verts

The Broomfield Skate Park is adjacent to the batting cages and is getting broken in nicely with the variety of terrain expertly constructed by Team Pain. At the Broomfield Skate Park and you’ll find two bowl areas, the larger of the two has a unique double lip with a small spine, a roll in and [...]

Labonte Park Skate Park Laramie Wyoming

Laramie Skate Park View

This is an all concrete park designed by Team Pain. This park is not very large but is very smooth and full of lines. It is a transition oriented park, Labonte Park, Skate Park does have a few ledges, a rail, and a pyramid. The best features of the park include the roll in, a [...]

Satellite Beach Skate Park Satellite Beach Florida

Satellite Beach Skate Park Verts

The City of Satellite Beach has not let this popularity of skate boarding go unnoticed as it has built and keeps in top maintenance a Skate Park in Satellite Beach. The park consists of a 13,536 sq./ft. cement bowl which features a range of rails and other obstacles. Satellite Beach Skate Park not only offers [...]

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