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Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada

 Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada
The Anthem Hills Skate Park is located in Henderson Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. The Anthem park was designed to accommodate skaters of all ages and levels of ability. The park has a street style flow course type layout near the entrance of the park with a hubba ledge, a rail, a fun box with a flat bar and a transfer ledge across it and a bank to wall.
 Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada
The type and depth of the terrain changes from a street course to a flow course as the park wraps around the corner into the snake run. There are various pockets with different radii and depths, a spine, 2 big rolled volcano’s, hips, transfers, tall extensions and rollers. The park changes in elevation on the deck and in the flat bottom many times and has lots of rolled lips, which gives the park a roller coaster ride type experience.
 Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada
The whole park wraps around like a hook into an 8′ deep square bowl with a hip. There is also a small kidney pool with an 8′ deep end and a 5′ shallow end. The park is part of a multi sports complex that has something for the whole family. This is one of SITE’s best creations and is definitely worth visiting.
 Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada
Directions: Take Eastern Blvd from Las Vegas to Henderson (south). Once in Henderson, the road will split. Stay to the left (Anthem Pkwy) and follow to the Anthem Hills subdivision. At the traffic light, turn left onto Reunion and go about a 1/4 mile. Turn left onto McCullough. You will see the skatepark.

Posted from Henderson, Nevada, United States.

pixel Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada
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