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Arvada Skate Park Arvada Colorado

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Arvada Skate Park has been under construction since the spring of 2011. Two Contractors have been working on the project: Team Pain, a skate park design/build company based in Florida, was hired to design and build the 40,000 + square foot skating surface. Team Pain’s project manager, along with most of the workers on the skate park, are Colorado residents.
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The park caters to skaters of all levels and persuasions, featuring bowls both big and small, a long and flowing snake run, granite ledges, handrail/stair sets.
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Some of the most innovative, sculptural features and architectural landscape designs ever seen, including a few that were unclear of what to make of, until you started seeing local skaters getting creative out there.

Posted from Arvada, Colorado, United States.

pixel Arvada Skate Park Arvada Colorado
4.5 / 5 stars     

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