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Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota

 Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota
Spearheading construction of Minnesota’s first public skate plaza as general contractor, Spohn Ranch tapped into 20+ years of skatepark construction experience and collaborated with Site Design Group to present the City of Bemidji with a true community showpiece.
 Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota
The hard work and dedication of Bemidji’s Skate & Bike Association was truly inspirational as we worked on this project. For the past several years, the local riders have been leading fundraising efforts and rallying support for an engaging community space that will become one of the Midwest’s most-talked-about skateparks. The group’s vision earned them $25,000 from the Tony Hawk Foundation – the maximum grant the foundation awards. Burton Snowboards, Nike and the Nielson Foundation also contributed valuable donations to help make this skate plaza a reality.
 Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota
Recognized by Recreation Management magazine as the face of modern skateboarding environments, this plaza resembles an urban streetscape where skaters and community members can share public space in a meaningful way. Rather than fencing in the park and relegating it to under-utilized space, this facility is thoughtfully integrated into the City’s park system. Multiple entry points, large boulders that serve as spectator seating and colored concrete patterns contribute to this park’s inviting aesthetic. Interior landscaped areas with shrubs, trees and grass provide skaters and spectators with a welcoming environment to enjoy the shade during the summer months. An artistic (and skateable!) entry sign also contributes to this park’s unique identity, making it unlike any other in the area.
 Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota

Posted from Bemidji, Minnesota, United States.

pixel Bemidji Skatepark Bemidji Minnesota
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