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Bond Skate Park Mason Michigan

mason michigan skatepark6 Bond Skate Park Mason Michigan
Two great skate parks in one location. Skateboarders and in-line skaters will love the skate park that was created by the innovators in skate park design, Team pain.
mason michigan skatepark2 Bond Skate Park Mason Michigan
Bond Park is a 5.3 acre neighborhood park with a lighted ball field and restrooms. Rayner Creek runs through the park, and the Ingham County Courthouse is a fine view from this location.
mason michigan skatepark5 Bond Skate Park Mason Michigan
Bond Skatepark includes a 13,000 square foot area for skate boarders and a 12,000 foot roller hockey rink. The larger area will provide varying degrees of skill levels for the skaters in our community.

Posted from Mason, Michigan, United States.

pixel Bond Skate Park Mason Michigan
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