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Centennial Skate Park Davenport Iowa

Centennial Skate Park Davenport Over View Centennial Skate Park Davenport Iowa
Located on W. River Dr., this FREE park is a good-sized beast with super smooth transitions (some shallow bowls, a small spine, a couple tight corners a bank or two, and some deep bowls…among others).
Centennial Skate Park Davenport Rail Centennial Skate Park Davenport Iowa
As well as the bowls there is a good number of street obstacles (a good 8-stair, a bunch of rails, a double-set, some hubbas, a box/manny-pad, a Euro-gap, etc.). There are no lights…yet.
davenport skate park 2 Centennial Skate Park Davenport Iowa
Centennial Park is located immediately west of Modern Woodmen field along the river front in Downtown Davenport. Centennial Park is approximately 250 acres and features a river walk. The RiverFront Parkway also passes through the entire park. Centennial Park is the home of the Davenport side of Red,

Posted from Davenport, Iowa, United States.

pixel Centennial Skate Park Davenport Iowa
4.5 / 5 stars     

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