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Clinton Skatepark Houston Texas

 Clinton Skatepark Houston Texas
The 12,070 square foot facility measures 142′ x 85′. Components include half pipes, roll-in, bank ramp, quarter pipes, half pipe, street spine, jump box, grind rail 14′, grind ledge 14′, pyramid 6′, grind rail square 12′, grind rail round 12′, grindbox (kinked), grind rail (kinked round 20′), sub box, bank ramp with kicker.
 Clinton Skatepark Houston Texas
Clinton Skatepark was completed on September 14, 2005. It has a very mellow and small half pipe and there is an assortment of stuff that you can skate in the street course. This is a very mellow park and well suited for beginning skateboarders.
 Clinton Skatepark Houston Texas

Posted from Houston, Texas, United States.

pixel Clinton Skatepark Houston Texas
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