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North Wildwood Skate Park Verts

North Wildwood Skate Park North Wildwood New Jersey

FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania Outside Course

FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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Labonte Park Skate Park Laramie Wyoming


Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada

 Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada
If you can’t beat ’em, at least provide ’em with a place to congregate. That appears to be the motivation behind this North York skate space dedicated to 360 spins and impressively executed caspers.
 Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada
Beginners and pros fill up the concrete ramps from dawn till dusk, perfecting their technique or simply showing off. The park is well-maintained and family friendly, so expect to see lots of 10-year olds showing dad how it’s done.
 Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada
I think that it’s safe to say that this is a old school park. the L-shaped Bowl is 5 feet with wavy tranny, like Waves when carving around. the coping is metal pipe cut in half and put in the corners. no hang-up situations. the street course is neat. with a 8 foot vert wall with weird Kinks.

Posted from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

pixel Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada
3 / 5 stars     

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