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Edmond Skate Park Edmond Oklahoma

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The Mathis Skate Park is a 17,500 square foot facility that opened in May of 2002. The skate park was funded by a combination of a Land & Water Conservation Fund grant, private donations and City tax dollars. One of Oklahoma’s first skate parks, ours will feature several ramps, pipes, half-pipes and bowls to challenge all levels of the boarders and skaters.
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Skate boarding has gained popularity as a recreational activity in the United States and skate parks are popping up in many communities. Edmond’s Skate Park began as a request when several youthful enthusiasts of this sport made their request for a skate park known to the Parks & Recreation Department and City Council.
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One of the state’s only skate parks, Mathis Brothers Skate Park offers 17,500 square feet of ramps, pipes, half-pipes, and bowls to challenge skater roller-bladers, and bikers of all ages.

Posted from Edmond, Oklahoma, United States.

pixel Edmond Skate Park Edmond Oklahoma
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