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FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

 FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania
South Philly’s FDR Park is a concrete, skateboard paradise, designed and built by skateboard enthusiasts. With features like the “Dome,” a four-foot wall of concrete that climbs up into a burly overhang; the “bunker,” a 60-foot long, 11-foot vertical brick coping that grinds real nice and keeps the place private from the road, this park is a serious challenge for skaters of all skill levels, all the way up to pro.
 FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

The park is situated right under the I-95 highway overpass, right off Broad Street, so it’s protected from rain and snow. It’s also accessible from the Pattison Avenue stop of the Broad Street subway line.
 FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

FDR played host to the Gravity Games in 2005. The whole Park is also playable in the video game Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground by Activision and Neversoft. The park has been featured in countless skate videos since the mid 1990s, including Transworld IE and Toy Machine’s Jump Off A Building. It is featured in at least hundreds of skateboard and videos on YouTube, through contests, every day footage and various longboard footage.
 FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Posted from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

pixel FDR Skatepark Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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