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Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada

Freedom Skate Park Stairs Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada
This park is located in east Las Vegas and SITE was hired to design and create construction documents for the bowl. SITE also incorporated the existing above ground ramps into a street area that includes concrete bank ramps, stairs, step-up, vert wall and a rail thus making it a hybrid style of skate park.
Freedom Skatepark Bowl Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada
Construction observation was also performed to make sure that the concrete work was built per plans and specifications. SITE is also working with the Tony Hawk Foundation to help raise funds for a street plaza area.
Freedom Skatepark Verts Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada
This 68-acre park and ball field complex also included an adaptive recreation area; picnic shelters; new restroom/concession building at the little league fields; two lighted, synthetic-turf, soccer fields; a perimeter exercise path; and new grass, irrigation and plantings.

Posted from Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

pixel Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada
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