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Harada Skate Park Corona California

Harada Skate Park Bowl Harada Skate Park Corona California
The Harada Skateboard park features a winding wide open snake run that runs into 2 half-pipe style bowls that are separated by a huge spine. The skate park also has a fun 8′ keyhole, 5′ square bowl, and a small little kidney. There are ledges, hubbas, rails, stairs, and other street elements throughout the skatepark. The concrete is relatively smooth/kinkless and there is plenty of terrain to keep you amused for awhile.
Harada Skate Park Overview Harada Skate Park Corona California
The Harada Skate Park is a fun free skate park that is worth checking out if you are in the area. Nothing too gnarly at the skate park with the spine being the most challenging terrain. Things could have been much better if the design would have had more input by some experienced skateboarders and skate park designers.
Harada Skate Park Rails Harada Skate Park Corona California
The Harada Skate Park is a fun little skate park to stop by and check out if you are in the area. It by no means is a bowl riders dream but offers enough of a thrill with its vintage 8.5 foot deep steel coping Big O’ style keyhole and snake run to make it worth your time. The snake run is very smooth with well set steel coping and opens into your choice of two bowls separated by a large 10 foot spine that clearly offers the most challenging aspect of the park. This layout offers a lot of different lines and room for progression while keeping you entertained for a couple hours. The small kidney is a repaired bowl in service. Its pool coping was destroyed and has been replaced with steel coping making it a little hard to skate but challenging none the less. The park also offers a five foot square bowl, but is a poor design and has to be ridden more like a half pipe then a bowl. For the street skaters there is the usual stairs, rails, ledges and hubbas among other things.

13100 68th Street Corona California

Posted from Corona, California, United States.

pixel Harada Skate Park Corona California
4.5 / 5 stars     

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