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Hot Spot Skatepark Spartanburg South Carolina

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In 2001, Harriette and Marty Reid began exploring the possibility of building a public skatepark in their community. After forming the Coalition for Active Youth, a non-profit organization, they began soliciting funds and in-kind donations for a state-of-the-art skatepark. With the help of Spohn Ranch, the Reid’s dreams became reality and the City of Spartanburg was home to a colossal concrete skatepark that the entire community could be proud of.
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After examining several potential sites, the City decided on a vacant concrete lot where skaters were already hopping the fence and riding. Recycling the concrete floor and an existing loading dock was a huge priority as we transitioned into the design process. Using the elevated loading dock as an upper plaza, we integrated stairs and hubba ledges to create a dynamic park that would serve all styles of skateboarding. By conducting multiple design workshops with the local skaters, we were able to fine tune the final design and make sure the kids would be continuously inspired by the park’s terrain.
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After opening in 2009, the park has quickly become one of Spartanburg’s most well-used recreational facilities and a home to some of South Carolina’s top shredders. In fact, the skatepark has become such a valuable asset for the community that Spartanburg Mayor Bill Barnet proclaimed at the grand opening that October 10th would be officially known as Hot Spot Skate Park Day!

Posted from Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States.

pixel Hot Spot Skatepark Spartanburg South Carolina
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