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Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma

 Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma
The only indoor skatepark in Oklahoma for skaters. Run by skater Jeff Davis. This park is extremely fun and is any street skaters dream.
 Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma
Industrial skatepark is located at 2370 Industrial Blvd. Norman OK. 73069 Admission- $7.00 ON FRI. AND SAT..$5.00 MON – THUR. Helmet rentals- $1.50 (helmets are only required for participants that are 15 or younger) If you are younger than 18 then a parent or legal guardian is required to sign a waiver for you. If you are older than 18 you may sign it yourself.
 Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma
NOW OPEN!!!! Hours…. Sunday: 1PM – 8PM Monday and Tuesdays 4PM-9:30 PM Wednesday: Noon – 9:30 Thursday: Noon – 9:30 Friday: Noon – 11PM Saturday: Noon – 11PM

Posted from Norman, Oklahoma, United States.

pixel Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma
4.5 / 5 stars     

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