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Jesse Turner Park Fontana California

Jesse Turner Park Overview Jesse Turner Park Fontana California
The Jesses Turner Community Skate Park receives a CPRS Award of Excellence in Extreme Sports Facility Design! The City of Fontana gets its second skate park located at the Jesse Turner Community Center.
Jesse Turner Park Course Jesse Turner Park Fontana California
Skate park designer Colby Carter and Site Design Group worked with professional skateboarders Lance Mountain and Steve “Salba” Alba on the 2-individual bowl designs. The Peanut shaped bowl and Roman bowl both have custom Golden State Pool Coping and Tile that was designed and engineered for skatepark use. The flow course has extensions, an escalator, an over vert pocket, a 16’ capsule with a rock stamped pattern on the outside and a roll-in that sends you right in to the capsule.
Jesse Turner Course Jesse Turner Park Fontana California
This is the first bowl in Southern California to incorporate a capsule. The plaza comprises most of the skatepark. It serves as a multi-use area which includes raised planters, ledges, stairs, hubbas, handrails, manual pads, and a step-up.

Posted from Fontana, California, United States.

pixel Jesse Turner Park Fontana California
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