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La Conner Skatepark La Conner Washington

10 La Conner Skatepark La Conner Washington

If you have kids and your kids love to skateboard, or if you are a skateboarder yourself, then you definitely need to visit the La Conner Swinomish Skateboard Park, located at the north end of 6th Street, near the La Conner School District properties.

11 La Conner Skatepark La Conner Washington

A collaborative effort between the Town of La Conner, the Swinomish Tribe and a lot of community fundraising, the park is being hailed as one of the best skateboard parks in Northwest Washington. In the true meaning of ‘community’ the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was organized by the La Conner Senior Center.

12 La Conner Skatepark La Conner Washington
This is probably one of the most fun parts because of the spine. I love skating spines and it is even cooler that you can grind over the spine. It kind of reminds me of that black bowl that they had there for a few years at the Vans Skatepark in Orange. I remember that thing was pretty huge and Omar Hassan would tear that thing up!

Posted from La Conner, Washington, United States.

pixel La Conner Skatepark La Conner Washington

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