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Black River Falls Skate Plaza Course

Black River Falls Skate Plaza Black River Falls Wisconsin

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Moosup Skatepark Moosup Connecticut

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Baker Bowl Skate Park Middletown Ohio


Lafayette Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Lafayette Skate Plaza Course Lafayette Skate Plaza Los Angeles California
This past weekend I went to go check out the new skate plaza in Lafayette park on Wilshire blvd (a few blocks west of Macarthur Park). To my amazement the park was insanely perfect. Dyrdek knew what he was doing with the ledges. They are the perfect mix of concrete and angle iron (concrete on top, iron on the side).
Lafayette Skate Plaza View Lafayette Skate Plaza Los Angeles California
The manual pads and step up ledges are low-impact yet challenging enough to keep you on them for hours. The 5 stair and 3 stair are equipped with hubbas and straight out ledges as well as low rails (1 round and 1 square) that are made so perfectly, you feel open try to slew of tricks with a low risk factor.
4374577664 18c3600728 z Lafayette Skate Plaza Los Angeles California
Then there is the up/down manual pad that is also grindable. I must have skated this obstacle the majority of the time, it’s as fun as it is challenging. Last but not least the Carl’s Jr. Star is the only transition in the park. The only problem is that the star shoots you straight into the manual pad on your way down. It’s also in the center of where skaters go back and forth from… bad placement, but if the park is empty you’ll have a blast skating it.

Skateboard Park in Los Angeles, California, United States.

pixel Lafayette Skate Plaza Los Angeles California
4.5 / 5 stars     

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