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Matt Hughes Skatepark Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Matt Hughes Skatepark Logo Matt Hughes Skatepark Myrtle Beach South Carolina

The Matt Hughes Skate Park in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

Matt Hughes Skatepark Overview Matt Hughes Skatepark Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Established in 1998 for All Level Skaters from the Myrtle Beach Area.

Skate Park Address:
Oak St (behind the Pepper Geddings Recreational Complex)
Myrtle Beach South Carolina 29579

Crashup Derby Factor: 2

  • Do you have to wear pads?: helmet only
  • Does it cost money to skate?: no

Skate Park Description:
Awesome fun free park, not to crowded only on weekends, only good skatepark in myrtle beach, long 4 foot quarters, big bank, nice rail for rail sessions with friends, awesome box for long grinds (stack box) very very fun park.

Posted from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States.

pixel Matt Hughes Skatepark Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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  1. TimGoat556, August 19, 2004:

    For those looking for this park. The MapQuest linked to the site is inacurate. But you still need to get onto Oak street, then go north untill you see the Intermediate and Highschool on your left full in there to the left of the parking lot infront of their stadium is where the park is located. Not on 17th Oack street. The park is a classic made out of nearly rusted metal, the coping is un-alligned, and the setup is oldschool. On the bright side the edges of the rails and ledges slide great. There are tons of runs, lines, and tricks to be done at the park so check it out. By the way, in the summer and spring months it gets very hot there and the shade behind the ramps can get cramped with un-prepared skaters, so bring pleanty of ater and shorts. Happy Skating.

  2. patti, September 25, 2013:

    M son wants to try this out, hes 6 and wants to use his scooter. Can he bring his scooter to this park?

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