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NIKE Skate Plaza Pacoima California

Nike Skate Plaza Course NIKE Skate Plaza Pacoima California
SDG worked with California Skateparks, NIKE, and skateboard legend Lance Mountain to develop a skate plaza in Los Angeles, CA. 13,000 sq. ft. “Street-Plaza” style skate park. This new skate park’s design pushes current standards by recreating famous Southern California skate spots and incorporating them into the natural fabric of the existing park.
Nike Skate Plaza Rail NIKE Skate Plaza Pacoima California
As popular as skateboarding is around the world, a majority of famous skate spots in the United States are on private property and are illegal to skate. This skate park has no fences or traditional skate park elements, just natural, skate-able architecture, as skaters would find in any neighborhood.
Nike Skate Plaza View NIKE Skate Plaza Pacoima California
NIKE Skate Plaza at Pacoima, features a 13,000 sq. ft. “Street-Plaza” style skate park. Some of the features, recreated spots from older skate spots that are no longer skate-able. There’s a Griffith Park imitation, a Sylmar rail revival, and granite ledges for days. For example, the ditch at the end of the path is a re-creation of the Griffith Park run-off ditch, and the blue handrails in the plaza are replicas of the nearby Sylmar rails that are no longer skate-able.”

Skateboard Park in Los Angeles, California, United States.

pixel NIKE Skate Plaza Pacoima California
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