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Payne Skate Park Sarasota Florida

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Payne Skate Park is a spacious 25,000 square feet of concrete. The park is split into 3 main sections, including a bowl, backyard mini-ramp, pool and moveable obstacles, as well as a half-pipe that was funded by a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation.
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Payne Skate Park also offers other amenities that include a professional skate shop, concession stand and free on site wi-fi. Skaters feel welcome here, perhaps the great vibe about this park is that it is maintained by Sk8Skool; a not for profit company with the mission of keeping local kids out of trouble by teaching them how to skate.
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The skate park is located at the north end of the park. Surrounding the skate park are open fields, a half mile walking trail used for biking and running. It is tree lined and an area for soccer and kite flying. Something for everyone!

Posted from Sarasota, Florida, United States.

pixel Payne Skate Park Sarasota Florida
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