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Greenbelt Skate Park Side View

Greenbelt Skate Park Greenbelt Maryland

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Bethune Point Skatepark Daytona Beach Florida

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Phillips Skatepark Aurora Illinois

 Phillips Skatepark Aurora Illinois
Collaborating with Naperville-based landscape architects, Design Perspectives, our team developed unique concepts for integrated skateboarding and BMX spaces in Phillips Park. Designed within a unique footprint, the designated skateboarding facility offers 8,000 square feet of distinct plaza terrain. With tinted concrete features such as the Pier 7 manual pad, sushi dish and earthquake gap, this park is the modern street skaters dream.
 Phillips Skatepark Aurora Illinois
With a footprint of 4,000 square feet, the designated BMX facility offers flowing transition, spines and sub-boxes perfect for a BMX dream session. Sited adjacent to one another, these two facilities will collectively transform the City of Aurora into a thriving hub for Central Illinois action sports.
 Phillips Skatepark Aurora Illinois

Posted from Aurora, Illinois, United States.

pixel Phillips Skatepark Aurora Illinois
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