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Rose Skate Park Abilene Texas

Rose Park Barrel Rose Skate Park Abilene Texas
The skate park consists of an open flow course with hips and rails as the center pieces. Ledges are also located around the perimeter of the course. The skate park in Abilene, TX was built in 2001 by a local contractor. The park allows both skaters and bikes, and is lit up at night.
Rose Skate Park Bowl Rose Skate Park Abilene Texas
Rose Skate Park is for any type of skater, from beginner to pro. There’s a 6′ bowl, a fun box with a rail, loads of carving areas, and 3 bench rails. The 6′ slope to quarter pipe. Definitely a fun park if you are in the area.
1260141611 890075 FULL Rose Skate Park Abilene Texas
Along with Rose Park Skate Park, the park also hosts a full-court basketball gym, badminton courts, an after-school activity room, and a game room that consists of air hockey and pool tables. The outside park includes an amphitheater, playground, a walking/jogging trail, and an outdoor basketball court.

Posted from Abilene, Texas, United States.

pixel Rose Skate Park Abilene Texas
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