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Ross Park St. Bernard Ohio

 Ross Park St. Bernard Ohio
The Ross skatepark sits right next to a big old building and has been here for quite a few years. It is for sure an entry level skatepark because there is nothing that is that deep or that hard but hey I am not going to complain about my local skatepark that much.
 Ross Park St. Bernard Ohio
It has a section on the side that has some rails and ledges that are kind of fun but you have to wax them up to keep them slick. There is a flat bar as well as a manny pad over by the ledges. I like to get up on the side of the manny pad and do frontside smith grinds down the side of that thing it is pretty fun. There is also a small bowl that has some pretty fun hide a coping on it and it is a good place to learn how to do 50-50 grinds.
 Ross Park St. Bernard Ohio

Posted from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

pixel Ross Park St. Bernard Ohio
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