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Supersitition Shadows, Apache, Course

Superstition Shadows Skate Park Apache Arizona

Carmel Valley Skate Park Pool

Carmel Valley Skate Park San Diego California

South Bend Skate Park Bowl

South Bend Skate Park South Bend Indiana


Skateistan Park Kabul Afghanistan

One of the most inspirational places to hit a skatepark in the world has to be Afghanistan’s Kabul skateboard park built by the amazing folks from Skatistan.

Faranas shows off her deck Skateistan Park Kabul Afghanistan

Curious about what’s happening at Skateistan in Kabul?

Well, we filmed various girls’ classes to share what they’ve been up to, both in the skatepark and the classroom.

images via Skatistan.Org

Skateboard Park in Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan.

pixel Skateistan Park Kabul Afghanistan

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