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Solvang Skate Park Solvang California

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The Solvang Skate Park is a concrete oasis of ramps, hubbas and rails. Complete with plenty of banks and fast lines to gain plenty of speed, this is a great park for both beginners and intermediate skaters.
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Located in Solvang’s Hans Christian Anderson Park is this little gem of a skate park. The skate
park is well designed and has tons of flow. It’s in a gorgeous park setting with lots of trees and shade. It’s in the heart of wine country. What more needs to be said. How about how it’s dual level bowl has a 6′ square corner and 7′ square corner in the upper section. The lower section features an 8′ wall with a roll over in the middle.
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Solvang Skate Park is fast, has lots of hips and lines, and never seems to have crowd. Oh yeah, there is a fun little street course with ledges and a euro gap.

Posted from Solvang, California, United States.

pixel Solvang Skate Park Solvang California
4 / 5 stars     

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