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Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida

1203908663 Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida
Located on a quiet tree lined street, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center goes relatively unknown in the city of Dunedin! The Stirling Skate Park is a 10,00 square foot, concrete flow course designed by Team Pain.
zDSC 7825 Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida
Built in 2007, the park features two bowls and a street plaza, snake zone, step up, rail, hubbas and a banked hubba.
1203908806 Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida
The park also features playground at the MLK Center has a state of the art playground featuring a pair of swings that can accommodate up to four kids at once. We also have a large space net for climbing fun, as well as a specially made climbing rock.

Posted from Dunedin, Florida, United States.

pixel Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida
4.5 / 5 stars     

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