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Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 3 Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California
Vans and Jack’s Surfboards today began construction of a 30,000 square foot Off the Wall Skatepark and Garage Skate Shop with a “ground breaking” ceremony in Huntington Beach. The park complex, expected to open in early spring, will be free to the public and features two lighted skate areas catering to both bowl and street skating, the Garage Skate Shop combined with a skate park pro shop and snack bar, landscaped seating areas, restrooms and drinking fountains. Vans is making a long-term, multi-million dollar investment in the Huntington Beach community with the project.
Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 4 Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California
“We’re excited for the opportunity to work with Jack’s to bring a world-class skate park to Huntington Beach for the entire community to enjoy,” said Vans President Kevin Bailey. “Vans and Jack’s are both Orange County-grown originals and the Off the Wall Skatepark underscores our commitment to skaters and BMX riders in the area.”
Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 5 Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California
“Although known as ‘Surf City,’ Huntington Beach is arguably the Action Sports capital of the world,” said Doug Palladini, Vans Vice President, Marketing. “We appreciate the City of Huntington Beach and especially the City Council giving us the opportunity to build this incredible park that will inspire the next generation of skateboarders and BMX riders.”
Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 0 Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California
Located on Center Avenue just east of Gothard Street, Off the Wall Skatepark design will combine street and transition features within the 30,000 square foot lighted park. The park includes a 15,000 square foot bowl area with a competition, backyard, and beginner bowl and a 12,000 square foot street plaza with enough features to please every type of rider. Vans skateboard legend and Huntington Beach resident Christian Hosoi contributed to the intricacies of the bowl design in collaboration with California Skateparks who designed the overall park layout and will direct construction.
Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 1 Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California
The on-site, 3,000 square foot Garage Skate Shop will double as a fully-stocked skate shop featuring Vans and other top brands and a pro shop with skate equipment and rentals. The building design strives to minimize environmental impact utilizing re-purposed shipping containers in its construction. This will be the third Garage Skate Shop following the Huntington Beach Main Street store and a location in Dana Point.

Posted from Huntington Beach, California, United States.

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