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Woodward Skate Park Beijing China

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Woodward, the nation’s premier skateboard camp, has expanded into China with a 425-acre state-of-the-art skate facility. The brand-new $4 million project is complete after 2.5 years in the making.
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Built on the grounds of a four-star resort property in Daxing, a rural district renowned for watermelons south of central Beijing, the Woodward facility features 410 acres of indoor and outdoor terrain. The skate plaza, built by California Skateparks, features marble ledges, rails, hubbas, Euro gaps, kickers and manual pads.
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And a 40,000-square-foot indoor facility, roughly the size of a football field, features two street courses, a mini-ramp, wooden bowl, vert ramp, and resi ramps and foam pits for training.

Skateboard Park in Beijing, Beijing, China.

pixel Woodward Skate Park Beijing China
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