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Woodward Beijing China Outside View

Woodward Skate Park Beijing China

Daybreak Sculpture Garden South Jordan Utah Big Ollie

Daybreak Sculpture Garden South Jordan Utah

Goodyear Skatepark Sideview

Goodyear Skate Park Goodyear Arizona


Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California

3 Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California
Woodward West’s got spots for days. If you’re trying to branch out and skate some of the most legit parks in the West, look no further. Concrete bowls, rainbow rails, ledges, wall rides, mini ramps—a skater’s heaven. Campers from all across the map are invited to shred our parks with some of the best in the business. Every week you’ll get the chance to session with the very pros you’ve seen in the magazines and rest assured they’ll help you step your game up—next level skating. No doubt, a trip out here with us will not leave you disappointed.
 Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California
Beautiful Stallion Springs, California, is situated in the Tehachapi Mountains at 4,000′ elevation, affording it perfect summer weather—sunny, dry, and seldom above 90 degrees. About 15 miles from Tehachapi and 2 hours north of Los Angeles, Woodward West was built in the true spirit of Woodward: we collected input from our campers, visiting pros, and our own 35+ years of experience in the summer-camp business to build the ultimate riding facility west of the Mississippi.
1 Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California
We can’t spoil all the surprise, but word in the streets is Woodward West has some big names rolling through this year. Seasons past we’ve had homies like Corey Duffel, Shaun White and more, which means you’ll get to witness firsthand the mastery and style of top-notch skaters intimately involved in the progression of Skateboarding. We do our best to invite skaters of all avenues to guarantee our campers get exposed to it all. Best of all, these guys are down- to- earth and ready to help you learn some of the tricks of the trade that help them succeed day in and out. Skating all day takes a ton out of ya, but these shredders are from another world and will be putting down some demos and even a few competitions while you take a breather. Interaction and some free shows? Yeah, we got that covered. Check back for updated listings of all the guys rolling through.
2 Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California

Posted from Tehachapi, California, United States.

pixel Woodward West Skatepark Tehachapi California
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