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Mount Trashmore Skatepark

Mount Trashmore Skatepark Virginia Beach Virginia

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Westminster Skatepark Westminster Maryland

Mathers Regional Skate Park Stairs

Mathers Regional Skate Park Rancho Cordova California


Youth Uprising Skate Park Oakland California

Oakland CA 5 Youth Uprising Skate Park Oakland California
California Skateparks designed and built a skate plaza for a non-profit organization called Youth Uprising located in Oakland, CA. The skate plaza offers another program for the youth of Oakland to participate in. SITE Design Group, Inc. was hired to create the construction documents for this project.
Oakland CA 31 Youth Uprising Skate Park Oakland California
The plaza is full of marble ledges, hubbas, and banks. There are also three euro gaps, stair sets with a rail, benches, and quarter pipes. Check out the youth uprising website for more info about the center.
9 Youth Uprising Skate Park Oakland California
This is a pretty cool skate park. It has a several ramps stairs, rails; pretty much all you need for a day of tricks. It also has basketball court, playground, picnic benches and bleacher seating so it makes for a great day if you want to change from one activity to another. You can also find sunny and shady spots to cop a squat for lunch or just a break.

Posted from Oakland, California, United States.

pixel Youth Uprising Skate Park Oakland California
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