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Lively Skate Park Irving Texas Course View

Lively Point Skate Park Irving Texas

West Maui Skatepark Maui Hawaii Bowls

West Maui Skatepark Maui Hawaii

Harada Skate Park Overview

Harada Skate Park Corona California


The Victory Acres Skate Park Tempe Arizona

Victory Acres Skate Park Course Sideview

The Victory Acres Skate Park is a new flow course located in a residential park in Tempe, AZ. The park allows both skateboarders and BMX riders an opportunity to ride a spine, over vert pocket, hips, and a sub-box all in one course. Nice bowl featuring spine, extensions and taco pocket. Whether you are looking [...]

Picture Rocks Park Skate Park/BMX Picture Rocks Arizona

Picture Rocks Course View

Picture Rocks Park is a great park located in Pima, AZ and is open for both skate and BMX. The park is not too difficult for beginners, and still fun for more advanced riders. With ledges, rails, humps, and bumps there is plenty for either BMX or board to have fun at this park. Picture [...]

El Mirage Heritage Skatepark El Mirage Arizona

El Mirage Skate Park Verts

The El Mirage Heritage Skate park is the first skate plaza in the state of Arizona! This 15000 square foot plaza is full of colored ledges, kinked rails, manual pads, and plenty of stair sets to add to the street influence in the plaza. The banks and wide open areas allow the skaters to gain [...]

Dust Devil Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Dust Devil Skate Park Overview

The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Street League Skateboarding donated to aid in the construction of this project designed and built by California Skateparks. The Dust Devil skate plaza boasts 9,000 square feet of meticulously designed, skateable terrain that incorporates the radial benches and features from the first ever Street League Finals in 2010 at Thomas [...]

Desert West Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Desert West Skate Park Courseview

Desert West Skate Park in Phoenix, AZ is a design and construction remodel project. We worked with Cowtown Skateboards, Vans, and The City of Phoenix to make this project a reality. Through the generous grant given by Vans to Cowtown and some additional funding by the city, D West received some killer new skate features. [...]

The Baghdad Skate Park Baghdad Arizona

Baghdad Skate Park View

The Baghdad Skate Park sports a very popular yet simple design. The smooth concrete and open area makes this a great park for any level of skater. Once kids get the hang of shredding the banks, they can take it to the ledge or rail and start working on there street skills. The facility includes [...]

Anthem Red Rock Skate Park Red Rock Arizona

Anthem Red Rock Overview

The Anthem Red Rock Skate Park is a 10,000 square foot concrete oasis located in the beautiful area of Red Rock, AZ. The park has great flow, great lines, and a ton of open area. Designed for the skaters in the area, this is a very popular park in Arizona. The Anthem Skate Park offers [...]

Superstition Shadows Skate Park Apache Arizona

Supersitition Shadows, Apache, Course

SITE Design Group, Inc. worked with the City and community members of Apache Junction, AZ in the design and development of the Superstition Shadows Skate Park. The community embraced the idea of providing an alternative sports facility to their town in an effort to give the youth a safe and fun place to practice their [...]

Wickenburg Park Skate Park Wickenberg Arizona

Wickenburg Park Side View

The Municipal Skate Park is located downtown at Coffinger Park. The Skate Park is designed for users of all ages and abilities. It features an eight-foot bowl, fun box, quarter pipe and 4,000 sq. ft. of street components. The park is 7,500 sq ft. It has a small back and forth street course with one [...]

Santa Rita Park Tucson Arizona

Santa Rita Park Pool

Santa Rita Skate Park strictly has “bowls” which resemble empty swimming pools with pipe lining the rim for grinding tricks on. This affords skateboarders another option rather than going from one street-style park to another. Santa Rita consists of three separate bowls: The Bonnie Bowl (a 12’ deep keyhole), a 4-6’ deep flow bowl, and [...]

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