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Aurora City Park Skate Park Course

Aurora City Park Skate Park Aurora Colorado

Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada Bowl

Cummer Skatepark Toronto Ontario Canada

Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach 3

Vans Skatepark Huntington Beach California


Ripon Skate Park Ripon California

Ripon Skate Park Bowl

Cities all over California should be taking note. Ripon California has put a big star on the map and it’s location is one hour out of San Francisco-next to Manteca. The park is 24,000 square feet plus of pure cement and has it all. Many cities in California feel it enough just to build a [...]

Solvang Skate Park Solvang California

Solvang Skate Park Stairs

The Solvang Skate Park is a concrete oasis of ramps, hubbas and rails. Complete with plenty of banks and fast lines to gain plenty of speed, this is a great park for both beginners and intermediate skaters. Located in Solvang’s Hans Christian Anderson Park is this little gem of a skate park. The skate park [...]

River Park Skate Park St Fillmore California

River Park Skate Park Stairs

Beyond the flow bowl, River Park Skate Park also offers a stair set with rail, multi-level/angle block area, a concrete “mushroom” and plenty of planters. Fun park with a lot of concrete to skate. Really nice work on the street features. Probably the parks best feature is the flow bowl. Well done with a lot [...]

Santana Regional Skate Park Corona California

Santana Regional Skate Park Overview

The Santana Regional Skate Park has some 5-6 foot half bowls with hips for a great vert feel. It is also home to lots of ledges, rails and pyramids for a street feel to give skaters more options at the park. Santana Regional Park is pretty big in size– almost 50 acres. Most of the [...]

Placerville Skate Park Placerville California

Placerville Skate Park View

This is the Placerville Skate Park located in Placerville, CA. This park features plenty of concrete with a lot of open area and good fast lines. There is also a street section in the park complete with ledges and rails. The Placerville Skatepark, also known as Joe’s Skatepark has a good mix of bowls, hips, [...]

Orchard Skate Park Jurupa California

Orchard Skate Park Courseview

The Orchard Skate Park is a 13000 square foot park designed for good flow and a strong vert influence. The park features two bowls, one about twice the size as the other, and the bowls are connected by a spine. The park has a lot of open area with small rails and ledges throughout for [...]

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