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Perkins Road X-Treme Skate Park Rail

Perkins Road X-Treme Skate Park Baton Rouge Louisiana

Greenwood Skate Park Entrance

Greenwood Skate Park American Fork Utah

Powhatan Springs Skatepark Arlington Virginia Overview

Powhatan Springs Skatepark Arlington Virginia


Nicholl Skate Park Richmond California

Nicholl Skate Park Course

Richmonds Skate Plaza venue doesn’t have the 5 or 6ft deep bowls commonly seen at other skate parks, including those in Berkeley and Alameda, but it more closely resembles an urban street setting with rails, ledges and ramps of varying difficulty. Perfect plaza style park. Has something for everyone minus a vert ramp. No skater [...]

Poway Skate Park Poway California

Poway Skate Park Course

Features of the Poway Skate Park include a reservoir section and a snake run leading into a 6′ square bowl with a 6′ wide 3′ extension. Poway Skate Park The Poway Skate Park, located at 13090 Civic Center Drive, is 12,000 square feet of pool style concrete bowls and street elements. The Poway Skate Park [...]

Hollenbeck Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Hollenbeck Skate Plaza Course

California Skateparks worked with Rob Dyrdek and the City of Los Angeles to create this new “Safe Spot Skate Spot” skate plaza. The 14,000 square-foot, tri-level street skate plaza, which is already considered one of the premier skate plazas in the entire nation, offers a picturesque view high on a hillside at the southeast corner [...]

Terramore Skate Park Ladera Ranch California

Terramore Skate Park Rails

Terramore Skate Park is a great combination of street and vert. The street section has a nice stair set with ledges and rails that are not too difficult for intermediate skaters. The park has nice flow and plenty of banks to gain speed and have a blast at this park. Skaters from all over the [...]

San Dimas Skate Park San Dimas California

San Dimas Skate Park Course

The San Dimas Skate Park features medium sized concrete bowls with 3 to 5 foot banks. There is also a horseshoe bowl with a spine with rails that feeds into a reservoir. Along with the bowl and spine, there is a nice street section with rails and ledges. Also a 5ft Mini Ramp with with [...]

Nickerson Gardens Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Nickerson Garden Skate Plaza Streetview

This is the third skate spot developed by the LA84 Foundation, Nike Shoes and CA Skateparks is complete. Located in Los Angeles California, Nickerson was designed to be a multiple use playground/skate spot. The L.A. Parks Department has responsibility for the public parks in the Los Angeles area. This includes a number of outdoor skate [...]

Mariners Church Skate Park Irvin California

Mariners Church Skate Park Overview

The Mariners Church Skate Park, this park is located at Mariners Church in Irvin, CA. The park is a concrete street flow course with ledges, rails, hubbas, and smooth concrete for good speed. Not only is Mariners Church special because it is the only Church in our portfolio, but you can also find a video [...]

Pala Skate Park Pala California

Pala Skate Park Course

This is the Pala Skate Park in Pala, CA, an 18,000 square foot concrete masterpiece. This features a 9-foot deep kidney pool plus three other transition bowls. The park also includes a hybrid street section/flow bowl to top it all off. The park was designed by award-winning skatepark designer Wally Hollyday and features rails, drops, [...]

Needles Skate Park Needles California

Needles Skate Park Verts

The Needles skate park is another park created with help from the Tony Hawk Foundation. Needles is proof that with hard work any city can have a skate park. This project was started by the kids in Needles researching how to get a park built and really going out and doing it. This is a [...]

Lynwood Skate Park Lynwood California

Lynwood Skate Park Sideview

The Lynwood Skate Park. The park is a relatively small mini-transition (3’ to 4’) style park with slices of street obstacles including a pyramid, stairs, ledges, and rails situated throughout the park. The overall flow of the park is smooth and relatively fast. The park also has 5’ Campbell soup bowl with the ever popular [...]

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