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ande Skate Park Course View

Rio Grande Skate Park Aspen Colorado

Sierra Vista Side View

Sierra Vista Skate Park Sierra Vista Arizona

Roxborough Village Skate Park View

Roxborough Village Skate Park Littleton Colorado


Ed Austin Skate Park Jacksonville Florida

Ed Austin Skate Park Bowl

What makes the Ed Austin Skate Park a unique place to skate is that, unlike many skate parks, it was designed to provide skate features that had a natural architectural feel. This means that the features like benches, rails, ledges and planters that are positioned within the skating complex look like real benches, rails, ledges [...]

Robert Lauryn Skate Park St. Augustine Florida

Robert Lauryn Skate Park Verts

The Robert-Laryn Skate Park within Treaty Park, is a fantastic place for the skateboarding enthusiast of all ages.They have a skate shop that is packed with all the essentials you will ever need to exceed in this sport. The skate park has 28,000 sq. ft of concrete in the form of several bowls and dips [...]

Mike Blankenship Skate Park Tallahassee Florida

e Skate Park Course Views

Blankenship Skate Park is a state-of-the art, 26,000 square foot facility designed to provide maximum enjoyment and challenge for all who utilize it. James Hendricks, lead designer for Team Pain Enterprises, a nationally known skate park design company, designed the skate park with input from local skaters. Tim Payne, the owner of Team Pain, has [...]

Kendall Indian Hammocks Skatepark Miami Florida

Kendall Indian Hammocks Skatepark Halfpipe

In 2011, Spohn Ranch was selected as the skatepark designer and builder for the new skatepark in Miami Dade County. Our third concrete skatepark in Miami, the park follows our two previous projects – the highly popular Westwinds Skatepark and smaller Homestead Skatepark. Located at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, the skatepark complements a rich assortment [...]

Bethune Point Skatepark Daytona Beach Florida

Bethune Point Skatepark Daytona Beach Florida Overview

Set beautifully in front of the water on the Florida coastline, the Bethune Point Skatepark has transformed the City of Daytona Beach into a skateboarding destination for skaters from across the state of Florida. In 2010, Transworld Skateboarding praised the park, “Daytona Beach isn’t just for Spring Break and NASCAR anymore, this new plaza they’ve [...]

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