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Pioneer Skate Park, Commerce City, Colorado Course View

Pioneer Skate Park Commerce City Colorado

William Sam Memorial Skate Park Rails

William Sam Memorial Skate Park Midland Texas

Charmette Bonpua Skate Park Stairs

Charmette Bonpua Skate Plaza Los Angeles California


Satellite Beach Skate Park Satellite Beach Florida

Satellite Beach Skate Park Verts

The City of Satellite Beach has not let this popularity of skate boarding go unnoticed as it has built and keeps in top maintenance a Skate Park in Satellite Beach. The park consists of a 13,536 sq./ft. cement bowl which features a range of rails and other obstacles. Satellite Beach Skate Park not only offers [...]

Lake Mary Skate Park Lake Mary Florida

ake Vista Skate Park Course

Lake Mary’s Skate Park located on the grounds of the Lake Mary Sports Complex, which also hosts a splash park and playground, with a 36 foot pavilion, picnic tables and on site lighting. The Lake Mary Park accommodates not only beginners but experienced, BMX bicycles, and in-line skaters. It caters not only to the beginners [...]

Lake Vista Skate Park St. Petersburg Florida

Vista Skate Park Over View

Lake Vista Skate Park, located in the city of Saint Petersburg, Florida. The park was designed and built by Team Pain. The Skate park caters to all ages and skill levels beginner thru advanced. Lake Vista Skate Park also caters to all action sports such as Skateboarding, BMX and Rollerblading. Lake Vista Skate Park is [...]

Lawnwood Skate Park Fort Pierce Florida

Lawnwood Skate Park Course

This concrete facility boosts 15,000 square feet, packing quite a punch. The skate park caters to not only the experienced but also the beginner. It has something for everyone. Team pain designed the park so the flow can be felt around the entire oval park, though a variety of ramps and small ditches. The something [...]

Payne Skate Park Sarasota Florida

Payne Skate Park Bench

Payne Skate Park is a spacious 25,000 square feet of concrete. The park is split into 3 main sections, including a bowl, backyard mini-ramp, pool and moveable obstacles, as well as a half-pipe that was funded by a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation. Payne Skate Park also offers other amenities that include a professional [...]

Stirling Skate Park Dunedin Florida

Stirling Skate Park Overview

Located on a quiet tree lined street, The Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center goes relatively unknown in the city of Dunedin! The Stirling Skate Park is a 10,00 square foot, concrete flow course designed by Team Pain. Built in 2007, the park features two bowls and a street plaza, snake zone, step up, rail, [...]

Brandon Skate Park Brandon Florida

Brandon Skate Park Over View

The 11,000-square-foot park was funded with impact fees and general revenue dollars. Team Pain, a company owned and operated by skaters that for 30 years has been creating custom skate parks for communities and skateboarders worldwide, worked under Hennessy Construction Services Corp. as a member of the design, permitting and construction team. Included in the [...]

Ed Austin Skate Park Jacksonville Florida

Ed Austin Skate Park Bowl

What makes the Ed Austin Skate Park a unique place to skate is that, unlike many skate parks, it was designed to provide skate features that had a natural architectural feel. This means that the features like benches, rails, ledges and planters that are positioned within the skating complex look like real benches, rails, ledges [...]

New Tampa Skate Park Tampa Florida

New Tampa Skate Park View

Tucked in the Tampa Palms subdivision, the New Tampa Community Park and Recreation Center comprises 40 acres that include softball and soccer fields and restrooms near Liberty Middle School. The recreation center features an Olympic-caliber, 12,500-square-foot gymnastics area; plus multipurpose room, playground equipment and a concrete skateboard/inline skate park with enough curves and inclines to [...]

Apollo Beach Skate Park Apollo Beach Florida

Apollo Beach Skate Park Art

Part of the vision of Hillsborough County Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department to see communities providing recreation for its many residents, the Apollo Beach and Brandon Skate parks are the work of Team Pain, commissioned to design and build the facilities. The plaza style outdoor park has 11,000 square feet of incredible design. Colors include [...]

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