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Laramie Skate Park View

Labonte Park Skate Park Laramie Wyoming

Woodside Urban Skate Spot Over View

Woodside Urban Skate Spot Silver Spring Maryland

Mathers Regional Skate Park Stairs

Mathers Regional Skate Park Rancho Cordova California


Ocean Bowl Skate Park Ocean City Maryland

cean Bowl Skate Ramp

Ocean City’s own Ocean Bowl Skate Park is a 17,000-square-foot concrete-based park where skateboarders and inline skaters can challenge themselves physically and creatively. And it’s the oldest skate park in the world! Located just on the corner of 3rd Street and St. Louis Avenue, this park has a deep and shallow end pool, large vert [...]

Greenbelt Skate Park Greenbelt Maryland

Greenbelt Skate Park Side View

Designed by Wally Hollyday and constructed by California Skateparks the Greenbelt skatepark is a 7,000 square foot concrete park with a variety of street and vert elements including a 10 ½ foot deep bowl with diamond back ceramic pool coping from Federal Stone. It features a peanut-shaped bowl, a kidney bowl, ledges, gaps and step-ups. [...]

Olney Manor Skate Park Olney Maryland

Olney -Manor Skate Park Pool

The 90′ by 160′ park has features for skaters of all skill levels. Test your skateboarding skills on the Hubba Ledge, the Steps with Handrail, the Fun Box with Flat Rail, the Pyramid Ledge, and in the large Bowl. Good local concrete park with a basic street section with quarters all around and a huge [...]

Woodside Urban Skate Spot Silver Spring Maryland

Woodside Urban Skate Spot Over View

A unique little skate spot in Silver Spring’s Woodside Park. With a handful of skateable elements, this skate spot has become an integral part of Montgomery County’s skatepark system. A diversity of shade-giving trees gives this space a peaceful ambiance, perfect for an afternoon skate session or just relaxing with friends. Although not large enough [...]

North Laurel Skatepark North Laurel Maryland

North Laurel Skatepark Boulder

A neighborhood-style park that has it all, Howard County’s new 12,000 square foot skatepark is the cornerstone of a revitalization project for the North Laurel Community Center. Collaborating with local landscape architects, Mahan Rykiel, our design process combined public design workshops and social media interfaces for a robust dialogue with the local skateboarding community. Our [...]

Mount Airy Carroll County Skatepark Mt. Airy Maryland

Mt. Airy Skate Park Half Pipe

This 14,000 square foot skateboard facility is located at Watkins Park, and has rails, ledges, two miniramps, five quarter-pipes, and two half-pipes (one of which is 6 feet by 40 feet). Normally open March-October. School year hours: Mon-Fri 3-8 pm, Sat noon to dusk or 8 pm, Sun 1 to 6 pm. Summer hours: Mon-Fri [...]

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