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Anthem Hills Skate Park

Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada

North Laurel Skatepark Boulder

North Laurel Skatepark North Laurel Maryland

San Dimas Skate Park Course

San Dimas Skate Park San Dimas California


Hidden Falls Skate Park Henderson Nevada

Hidden Falls Skate Park Course

Located in southeast Henderson near Horizon Drive and Horizon Ridge Parkway, Hidden Falls Park is a 60-acre site featuring neighborhood and community park amenities, such as restrooms, picnic ramadas, tot lots, basketball court, open play turf, splash pad, and dog park as well as sports facilities, interpretive signage, and passive and active recreational opportunities. The [...]

Freedom Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada

Freedom Skate Park Stairs

This park is located in east Las Vegas and SITE was hired to design and create construction documents for the bowl. SITE also incorporated the existing above ground ramps into a street area that includes concrete bank ramps, stairs, step-up, vert wall and a rail thus making it a hybrid style of skate park. Construction [...]

Hollywood Skate Park Las Vegas Nevada

Hollywood Skatepark, Las Vegas Verts

The state-of-the-art facility intended for experienced skate/BMX sports enthusiasts. The skate park includes an11-foot-deep kidney bowl, 18-foot full pipe plus a full plaza with a 10-stair step with rails, two fun boxes, two ledges and two six-stair steps. Concrete park with benches, drinking fountains, no phones, and lights on timer. The Hollywood Skatepark is a [...]

Anthem Skatepark Henderson Nevada

Anthem Hills Skate Park

The Anthem Hills Skate Park is located in Henderson Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. The Anthem park was designed to accommodate skaters of all ages and levels of ability. The park has a street style flow course type layout near the entrance of the park with a hubba ledge, a rail, a fun box [...]

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