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Bushmaster Bowl

Bushmaster Skate Park Flagstaff Arizona

Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma

Industrial Skatepark Norman Oklahoma

El Dorado Skate Park Ramps

El Dorado Skate Park Long Beach California


Thomas Greene Playground Skate Park Brooklyn New York


The Thomas Greene Playground Skate Spot is a small scale specialty design / build project. The project includes the addition of three skate features including a custom radius and kinked ledges, and a manual pad. Located on an existing basketball court, the facility can be utilized by multiple sporting disciplines. Locals there are appreciating the [...]

Tribeca Skate Park New York New York

Tribeca Skate Park Verts

The unique design incorporates 8,750 sq. ft. of diverse combination of terrain including stairs, ledges and rails that resemble an actual street plaza. Stone veneer and granite pavers were used in the fine details of the design and offer the park a true “street feel.” Unlike the California-style skate park that the Trust opened on [...]

Coleman Oval Skate Park New York New York

Coleman Oval Course View

The skate park has received a complete makeover thanks to a collaboration of community skate advocate Steve Rodriguez (5boro Skateboards), Preeti Sodhi a Design Fellow with Architecture for Humanity, a Nike Gamechangers grant, The NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, community members, and California Skateparks. This new skate park was designed and built specifically to [...]

Flushing Meadows Corona Skate Park Queens New York

Flushing Meadows Skate Park

This is the Flushing Meadows Skate Plaza located in Queens, New York. You may recognize this plaza from the 2010 Maloof Money Cup. This plaza features many elements inspired by popular street skating spots all around New York, such as the Union Square Rail, JFK Banks, and more. SITE was hired to create the construction [...]

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