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Lawton Skate Park Pyramid

Lawton Skate Park Fort Wayne Indiana

Broomfield Skate Park Verts

Broomfield Skate Park Broomfield Colorado

Berkeley Skatepark in Berkeley California

Berkeley Skatepark in Berkeley California


Ed Benedict Skate Plaza Portland Oregon

Ed Benedict Skate Plaza Course

The Ed Benedict Skate Plaza was a Design/Build collaboration between California Skateparks and Newline Skateparks. Ed Benedict is a premier landscaped plaza environment for the Portland street skating scene. California Skateparks was chosen to work with Newline to design and build the plaza and integrate it into the existing environment in a way so that [...]

Reedville Creek Skate Park Hillsboro Oregon

The Reedville Creek Skate Park View

The Reedville Creek Skate Park, an 18,000 square-foot skateboard facility, opened in 2003. SITE enlisted the help of teens in designing the park. There were two design meetings with the kids, and design ideas were also gathered through their website. With the teen’s input, this facility was built to re-create street skating. It has more [...]

Lincoln Park Skate Park Forest Grove Oregon

Lincoln Skate Park Overview

SITE worked with the City of Forest and their community to design and develop a skate plaza. Street features such as ledges, stairs, and handrails are found throughout the park. Skate-able planters are in the middle of the skate park that double as ledges and transitions. Existing amenities at Lincoln Park include picnic shelters, playgrounds, [...]

Thompson Park Skatepark The Dalles Oregon

Thompson Park Skatepark The Dalles Oregon Overview

In summer of 2010, Spohn Ranch was selected as the highest-ranking respondent to a request for proposals for the design/build of a state-of-the-art skatepark in The Dalles, Oregon. Today, we proudly present our final design for the new concrete skatepark to be located at Thompson Park. After engaging in a thoughtful and collaborative design process [...]

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