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Los Altos Skate Park Course View

Los Altos Skate Park Albuquerque New Mexico

Supersitition Shadows, Apache, Course

Superstition Shadows Skate Park Apache Arizona

Broomfield Skate Park Verts

Broomfield Skate Park Broomfield Colorado


Dust Devil Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Dust Devil Skate Park Overview

The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and Street League Skateboarding donated to aid in the construction of this project designed and built by California Skateparks. The Dust Devil skate plaza boasts 9,000 square feet of meticulously designed, skateable terrain that incorporates the radial benches and features from the first ever Street League Finals in 2010 at Thomas [...]

Desert West Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Desert West Skate Park Courseview

Desert West Skate Park in Phoenix, AZ is a design and construction remodel project. We worked with Cowtown Skateboards, Vans, and The City of Phoenix to make this project a reality. Through the generous grant given by Vans to Cowtown and some additional funding by the city, D West received some killer new skate features. [...]

Paradise Valley Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Paradise Valley Course

Phoenix’s P.V. Skate Park features kinked snakebowls, a kidney bowl, spine bowls, a banked alley, street plaza, flatbars, grinding ledges and blocks, pump bumps, sloped ramps, radial banks and an elongated funbox. It’s open to in-line skates and skateboards. Very nice beginner to intermediate level stuff- smooth and well maintained-just. The flow is nice. A [...]

Pecos Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Pecos Skatepark View

Pecos Skate Park is 29,500 sq. ft, with a love for street design and lots of ledges. It is located within a large park and a new community center gives this park a family friendly feeling. Features in this lighted, neighborhood facility are made of steel and are all above ground.The plaza features two ramps, [...]

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