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Dust Devil Skate Park Overview

Dust Devil Skate Park Phoenix Arizona

Bay Creek Skate Park Course

Bay Creek Skate Park Loganville Georgia

Copperview Skate Park Over View

Copperview Skate Park Midvale Utah


Imperial Court Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Imperial Court Skate Plaza Ramps

This is the second skate spot developed by the LA84 Foundation, Nike Shoes and CA Skateparks. Located in Los Angeles California, Imperial Court was designed to be a multi-use playground/skate spot. The design was inspired by the famous skate spot Sadlands. Outside, the Sports Park has a picnic area with tables and six barbecue grills, [...]

Hollenbeck Skate Plaza Los Angeles California

Hollenbeck Skate Plaza Course

California Skateparks worked with Rob Dyrdek and the City of Los Angeles to create this new “Safe Spot Skate Spot” skate plaza. The 14,000 square-foot, tri-level street skate plaza, which is already considered one of the premier skate plazas in the entire nation, offers a picturesque view high on a hillside at the southeast corner [...]

Wilson Skate Park Compton California

Wilson Skate Park Course

The city of Compton will finally have its very own skatepark, a brand-new facility that will open its doors to skateboarders in September. A number of grants went towards building the 12,000 square foot park, which will be located at Wilson Park, 123 N. Rose Ave. The Tony Hawk Foundation contributed over $10,000 and was [...]

Monrovia Skate Park Monrovia California

Monrovia Skate Park Course

Known for its unique design and course layout, the Monrovia skate park is highly accepted by all different kinds of skaters. This park features a street sections with rails, stairs, ramps, kickers and curved ledges and also a kidney bowl for the more vert style riders. Park with a unique design. Transitions that feed into [...]

Liberty Skate Park Westminster California

Liberty Skate Park Courseview

Liberty Skate Park is a 10,000-square-foot skate park built on a 6 1/2 – acre park with a playground, basketball hoops, and a BBQ area. The park is geared toward beginners with smooth banks, ledges, rails and a small bowl with a hip. Westminster community can enjoy the benefits of twenty-four parks with a range [...]

Mission Valley YMCA Skate Park San Deigo California

Mission Valley YMCA Skate Park Ramps

Here at the park we strive to provide a fun and positive environment for children and adults to come and enjoy their need for extreme sports. Several professional athletes practice here regularly, but this park is open and available for people of all ages and skills to enjoy. There is much to enjoy, so pad [...]

Jurupa Skate Park Riverside California

Jurupa Skate Park Rails

This is a very fun and open park, great for a mellow day or to learn some new tricks. Filled with some nice artistic feature like the curved rail and sculpted ledges. This is a very skate able park for skaters of all ages and skill levels. Fun, small park with small to medium features. [...]

Laguna Niguel Skate Park Laguna Niguel California

Laguna Niguel Skate Park Overview

The park features beginning, intermediate, and more advanced areas for skaters of all skill levels and comes complete with a snake/bank section, vertical combi bowl and other rails and steps. The Laguna Niguel Skateboard Park is a 20,000 square foot concrete skateboard park. The park features beginning, intermediate, and more advanced areas for skaters of [...]

Dana Park Skate Park Barstow California

Dana Park Skate Park Course view

Constructed by California Skateparks and designed by MIG, the Barstow Skate Park is a mid-level park with features for both beginners and advanced skaters. The skate park is geared toward street skating with its many rails and ledges. This park is complete with a bowl and a concrete pyramid as its signature feature. Barstow Skate [...]

Garvanza Skate Park Los Angeles California

Garvanza Skate Park Stairs

This park features an amoeba pool that is 7ft in the shallow end and 9.5ft in the deep end. The street course features euro-gap, some stairs, ledges and other street terrain.The Highland Park Skate park located in Garvanza Park has a small foot print and features a really nice Amoeba pool that is roughly 7 [...]

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