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Modi'in Skate Park Over View

Modi’in Skate Park Modi’in Israel

Scion Skatepark Lewisville Texas Courve View

Scion Skatepark Lewisville Texas

Ayala Skate Park Street Course

Ayala Skate Park Chino California


Nani Falcone Park Skate Park San Antonio Texas


Nani Falcone Park Skate Park features a 5,500 sq ft. skate park. The park consists of stairs, rails, banks, a jersey barrier and more. The park is open from 5am to 11pm, and does not have lights. 2 playscapes, pavilion, restroom, disc golf course. A Skateboard Park in District 7 was dedicated next to Nani [...]

The Bear Branch Wheel Friendly Park Woodlands Texas

Bear Branch Wheel Friendly Park Course

The Bear Branch Wheel Friendly Park is a 10,000 square foot concrete park with a lot of vert features. There are two flow bowls in the park with varying bank heights and plenty of lines to gain speed and cruise right through this park. With a couple of ledges and flat land spots, this park [...]

William Sam Memorial Skate Park Midland Texas

William Sam Memorial Skate Park Rails

William Sam Memorial Skate Park is 16,793 square feet of concrete goodness for your skating pleasure. The William Sam Memorial Skate Park is unsupervised and safety gear is not enforced. Skate at your own risk, kids. The facility is lit for those evening summer sessions and is open til midnight for all you hardcore skateboarders. [...]

Scion Skatepark Lewisville Texas

Scion Skatepark Lewisville Texas Courve View

SITE worked with a local landscape architecture group along with the local community of Lewisville to design and develop a skate park. The design includes a mini ramp located at the entrance of the park that leads you into the street plaza. In the plaza area is stamped brick banks, ledges, and stairs. On the [...]

Kerrville Skate Park Kerrville Texas

Kerrville Skate Park Kerrville Texas Stairs

On November 17, 2007 the City of Kerrville officially opened the skateboard park. SPA Skateparks co-hosted the grand opening with the City to make it an overwhelming success The all concrete bi-level street course will be open to the public and can be used free of charge. The facility features a banked wall ride, radial [...]

Lively Point Skate Park Irving Texas

Lively Skate Park Irving Texas Course View

SITE worked with the City of Irving, and their skating community, to develop a one-of-a kind skate park. A skate plaza helps compliment a flow course, creating a well-balanced skate park for all skill levels and age groups. California Skate Parks assisted on the construction and built the first “cradle” in Texas. Lively Pointe has [...]

Ingleside Skate Park Ingleside Texas

Ingleside Skate Park Ingleside Courseview

The lighted skate park includes two bowls of differing shape and depth. The amoeba bowl is finished with pool coping and tile. The shallow end is 6 feet deep with 6 inches of vert. The bonus pocket is 8 feet deep and the deep end is 10 feet deep with a foot of vert. “The [...]

Mountain View Skate Park El Paso Texas

Mountain View Skate Park Stairs

The Mountain View Skate Park is a much needed addition in El Paso, Texas. This skate park features a clover bowl with pool block and tile, a flow course that includes an over vert pocket with street features surrounding the outside. The 15,000-square-foot skate park will have a main bowl that will range from 5 [...]

Canadian Skate Park Canadian Texas

Canadian Skate Park Canadian Texas

Tony Hawk was consulted on the design of this exciting skate park. Come and have a day of fun with your skateboard, skates, roller blades, scooter or bike. Located at the corner of Cheyenne & Willard Street. This park consists of a mellow snake run that leads you into a “skate-able” Texas Extension to show [...]

The Edge Skate Park at Allen Station Park Allen Texas

The Edge Skate Park Allen Texas

Designed and built by SITE Design Group, Inc., one of the premier skate park design companies in the United States. 37,915 sq. ft, largest in the state of Texas. Elements Include: street fixtures including stairs with handrails to “ollie on to”, boxes, rails, ledges, a “picnic table”, wide variety of bowls and transitions ranging from [...]

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