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Rosewood Skate Park Overview

Rosewood Skate Park Sandy Utah

Lawnwood Skate Park Course

Lawnwood Skate Park Fort Pierce Florida

PCM Skate Park Rails

PCM Skate Park Washington North Carolina


Building the Animal Chin Ramp

Original Animal Chin Ramp

Possibly the most memorable and epic skate ramp ever made. From “The Vault.” An excerpt from Powell-Peralta’s video, “Axe Rated” of the construction of the legendary Animal Chin Ramp! Axe Rated is the ‘missing’ number five video. It was made for use in skate shops only, and was never offered to the general public.

Skating in ORDOS City: Chinas Inner Mongolian Ghost Town

Skating ORDOS

In this video, director Charles Lanceplaine follows a group of skaters looking to try their tricks in a new and different environment… Ordos …only to discover a glittering, modern city devoid of human occupants. [quote: The Atlantic] China’s city of Ordos was built for 1 million people and is currently inhabited by just a few [...]

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